About us

"You are as young as your spine is flexible." - Richard Hittleman

We came upon this wisdom only after we discovered the hard and painful way that our spines were not flexible. The revelation can sneak up on you after years of neglect or, in our case, a split second - a rear-end vehicle impact and a sports injury. After decades of extended hours behind a desk and a sedentary lifestyle, we traded in the tie for a tee, swapped the skirt for a shirt.

We've invested hours learning different modalities to limber up, strengthen up and move up to a new way of moving through this life. We now move with discipline and intention and our uniform of choice has been our faithful tee collection. Humor and the ability to laugh at ourselves has made the journey back to vitality a little lighter and made a few physical therapists laugh along the way.

Our team at Shirt Movement is dedicated to helping you find your strength to keep moving.